Remedy Knowledge Management

Put knowledge at the fingertips of your users

Harness tribal knowledge as soon as you find it with powerful knowledge authoring made for mobile. Create articles from scratch, use templates, identify similar articles or import knowledge from external sources. Remedy Knowledge Management is a complete framework to give your digital workforce the information they need, when they need it, wherever they need it.

  • Fix issues faster: Faster resolutions enable better service and happier customers.
  • Help people to help themselves: Deliver true self-service and reduce calls to the service desk.
  • Collate and curate: Get knowledge from multiple, disparate sources and make it available to anyone.

Create it. Share it. Search it.

Remedy Knowledge Management helps you to solve problems faster. By putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time you can reduce the burden on IT and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile authoring

User-friendly, interactive, template-based articles are easy to create from your desktop browser or the native mobile application.

Simple search

Find what you need quickly and effortlessly with the powerful natural language search capability.

Embedded social

Comment, flag, and like your favorite articles with Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) best practices.

Integrate knowledge

Source data from third parties or from historical incidents, problems, and known errors.

Self service

By helping your customers solve their own problems you can deflect calls to the service desk, saving you time and reducing costs.

Take a closer look

  • News flashes and watch lists keep users up to date.
  • Self-help knowledge reduces operational costs.
  • Access knowledge from your laptop, mobile, or through interactive chat with Virtual Agent.

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